Install Theme
Draw, scribble, make, create..

David Hockney Inspired Glasses (Teacher Example)

Turner inspired glasses (Teacher Example)

Artist Timeline Project (Year 8) Pupils were each given an artist to research and then then produced a three-dimensional pair of glasses to represent the chosen artist. 

Year 9 papier-mache book boxs - far easier than clay! 

Teacher example of a Book Box device - Next time I will encourage pupils to think outside the box (excuse the pun) how could they make a box that is not a box!

Year 9 Clay Book Boxes, Boxes to keep illustrated books in. 

Year 8 Culture Project Based on Sanna Annukka and Folk Art (Teacher Example)

Year 7 Pinch Pot Fish with Glaze

Year 7 pinch pot Fish 

Pinch pot animals